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Solvotrin Therapeutics Ltd: Drug development

Solvotrin Therapeutics creates patent protected new chemical entities (NCEs) and demonstrates early preclinical proof-of-concept ensuring that later development is de-risked. The Company has a special interest in rare (orphan) diseases. Learn more

Solvotrin Innovations Ltd: Drug development

Solvotrin Innovations Limited is a privately held pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of innovative products for the treatment of rare diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Solvotrin Innovations' intellectual property protects a family of nitric oxide releasing tetracycline drugs called nitrocyclines with significant clinical advantages over currently available drugs. Learn more

Ferfics Ltd: RF semiconductor components

Ferfics Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of Front End semiconductor components that substantially improve the battery life of wireless devices.

Metabolomic Diagnostics

Metabolomic Diagnostics Ltd.

Metabolomic Diagnostics Ltd. is an innovative medical diagnostics company involved in the development of a breakthrough technology in conjunction with University College Cork, Ireland, to provide predictive diagnosis of Preeclampsia in early pregnancy. This technology has the potential to revolutionise prenatal care globally, saving lives, and dramatically reducing overall healthcare costs. Learn more

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